16 Publications Every Stockpile Management Professional Should Know

A very short time ago, professionals who wanted to stay on top of news in their field subscribed to paper newsletters, magazines and trade journals. Many of these publications still exist today, but they’ve been transformed by the rise of digital technology.

Now, newsletters, magazines and trade journals can often be read online, alongside digital-only publications like blogs and other media such as podcasts. Here, we’ve compiled 16 of the best digital publications out there on mining, construction aggregates management and stockpile management.

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Mining Publications

Mining Magazine

Long-time industry professionals will recognize this publication from the days when print ruled the world. Mining Magazine has made the leap into the 21st Century with a clean, easy-to-read digital format and a search function that makes finding the most relevant articles simple.


Engineering and Mining Journal

Engineering and Mining Journal has been mining’s cornerstone trade journal for more than 150 years. Its archives are available in many university libraries, and subscribers gain access to current and past articles in both print and digital format.


Mining Journal

Not to be confused with E&MJ, Mining Journal covers a wide range of topics in the mining and aggregates industry. Key digital features include a Hot Topics section at the top of the reading list, followed by articles and blog posts sorted into Finance, Market Data, People and several other categories.


Mining Maven

Have a question about a particular mining project, application or professional? Mining Maven’s goal is to “demystify” the industry by providing entertaining, in-depth pieces that explore mining’s uses throughout the world and speak to some of the biggest names in the industry today.


Republic of Mining

Republic of Mining is a news aggregator that scours news outlets and collects the articles that are most relevant to mining professionals. It’s a quick and easy way to stay aware of the day’s headlines as they impact mining operations, equipment and professionals throughout the world.


Investor Intel

Even if you’re not an investor yourself, Investor Intel can provide valuable information on the current biggest players in mining, as well as the rising stars to keep an eye on. A Trending section and an international news ticker also help readers stay informed about what’s happening in mining and related heavy industries throughout the world, while one-click access to the blog’s Sectors section helps readers focus on the news that most directly impacts their work.


Aggregates and Stockpile Management Publications

Pit & Quarry

It’s tough to categorize Pit & Quarry as either a mining or a management. This 100-years-young magazine does it all. Subscribers can also access past digital editions, an e-Newsletter and resources stored on the website’s P&Q University section.


Aggregates Manager

“Your Guide to Profitable Production” is the site’s tagline, and Aggregates Manager delivers with content sorted into categories that include Operations and Management, Equipment, Regulatory and more. Information about contests and grants puts a friendly, forward-thinking spin on this trade publication.


Rock to Road

Rock to Road focuses on the uses of aggregates in road construction and repair. While its Industry News section focuses on Canadian projects and questions, its information on aggregates, equipment and paving applies throughout the global industry. Rock to Road is especially helpful because it often provides a perspective that similar US-based publications don’t.


Rock, Road, Recycle

North American Quarry News, Hard Hat News, and Waste Handling Equipment News all recently merged to form one new publication, Rock, Road, Recycle. The magazine explores a wide range of topics within the mining and aggregates industries, from identifying worksite hazards to applying the latest technologies when attempting to optimize stockpile or worksite management. News about upcoming industry conferences and trade shows helps managers stay informed, even when they can’t make it to those events in person.


Stone, Sand & Gravel Review

Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, a trade journal published by the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), focuses on helping aggregates industry professionals communicate information about industry technology, trends, developments and other concerns. Interested members can even submit articles on topics of concern, making this a great place to participate in industry conversations.



Keeping up to date on the latest news doesn’t have to mean reading non-stop. Here are five of the best industry podcasts to listen to while you commute to work, travel between sites or take a well-deserved lunch break.


WA School of Mines

Based in West Australia, this podcast is run from the WA School of Mines and covers topics ranging from leadership, management and strategy to industry specifics that aren’t Australia-specific. Get a new perspective on your industry in these short episodes.


Exploration Radio

Interested in “the past, present, and future of mineral exploration?” So are the folks at Exploration Radio, which is why the entire podcast is devoted to the topic. Exploration Radio features interviews and discussions with explorers, providing an inside view not only into the future of mining and aggregates, but also lessons anyone can apply to become more adventurous, thoughtful and resilient.


The GIM Channel

With episodes averaging 20 minutes each, The GIM Channel fits nicely into many lunch breaks or commutes. The podcast provides information on geoscientific information management — including people, processes and technology that are making headlines in the field each week.


Proven and Probable

This podcast covers a little bit of everything, from industry news to executive profiles to investment tips. Episodes range from five-minute quick summaries to 30-minute interviews, making Proven and Probable an easy podcast to fit into a busy and rapidly-changing schedule.


Mining Stock Education

The Mining Stock Education podcast is part of the offerings on miningstockeducation.com, a site that focuses on the investment end of mining. Interviews with top executives throughout the mining and aggregates industry provide an inside view of decisions made in boardrooms, their impacts on managers, and the most interesting innovations and new directions for the industry.

The web has given industry professionals easier access to information than ever before — but also created an explosion of information through which to sort. To build a list of publications that’s truly useful to you, start with these.

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