Professional Development for Site Managers: Resources to Bookmark

Companies expect a great deal from their area managers, their environmental managers, their engineers and their site managers.

Beyond managing people and resources, these professionals must find new ways to move the Earth while respecting safety standards and environmental concerns.

No one walks fresh out of college with those capabilities; those skills are developed and cultivated over time. If you’re searching for an opportunity to develop your own skills as a worksite manager, then have a look at the 20 options below.


Courses and Certifications That Can Improve Your Job Prospects

Step 1 in professional development is to refresh your skills through dedicated training. These courses below will give you marketable skills — and in some cases accredited certification — that will demonstrate to current (or future) employers how seriously you take your career.


The ABCEP’s Certification Program

The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals’ certification program is a career-long opportunity for professional development that demonstrates a clear commitment to learning. Certified professionals tend to have a least a decade of experience, and the credentials conform to ASTM International’s requirements for conducting Phase I Environmental Site Evaluations.


Caterpillar’s On-Site Manager Workshop

Industry giant Caterpillar has an excellent fatigue risk management workshop that runs just six to eight hours, and prepares site managers to manage teams more thoughtfully and knowledgeably. As much as this is a workshop on site safety — fatigue and distractions can have serious consequences — this is also a great program for building leadership skills.


Mine Safety and Health Administration

MSHA has an entire catalog of courses, seminars and training programs on making mining sites safer. Courses are available both online and at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in West Virginia.


Construction Health and Safety Technician Certification

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ CHST certification program gives health and safety professionals a leg up in finding jobs in that field. “In general, those who hold a BCSP credential are more likely to be hired, earn higher salaries, and receive more promotions and leadership assignments than their peers who do not hold the certification,” the organization says.


OSHA Certificate and Degree Programs

Likewise, having a degree or a certificate from OSHA is valuable for any health and safety professionals because those courses are the gold standards in the industry. You can take classes at one of several OSHA education centers or partner organizations across the country.


Alberta Construction Safety Association’s Courses

If you intend to work in Canada or already do, Your ACSA has courses every day across the province on the different aspects of worksite safety. Most courses can be completed in a day and will give your resume a nice boost if you’re trying to find work in Alberta’s booming mining and construction sectors.


ClickSafety’s OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course

ClickSafety offers an accredited online OSHA course that covers worker rights, employer responsibilities and what you need to do to file a complaint. Being up-to-date on OSHA standards will make you a valuable resource at any American job site.


EduMine’s Certificate in Mining Studies

The CMS that EduMine offers is designed to be a two-year program that brings together experts from the University of British Columbia, the University of Arizona, Imperial College London, Sauder School of Business and Simon Fraser University. All in all, it adds up to 160 hours of self-guided online study that will prepare you for a career in mining.


The Colorado School of Mines EMCIS Training Courses

The Colorado School of Mines has several safety training courses for the energy, mining and construction fields at its Western Mining Training Center. Courses include MSHA certification programs, mine rescue and emergency response programs, and supervisory leadership programs.


Job Boards to Keep an Eye On

It never hurts to continuously be aware of new opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, a new location or a higher salary, these job boards are a good place to start. is one of the oldest — it was founded in 2000 — and most reliable job boards for people who work in construction. There are hundreds of jobs listed at any moment, and the team there is good about pulling listings after a candidate has been found.


SWANA Career Center

Openings in the solid waste industry are noticeably fewer than in other industries, but The Solid Waste Association of North America does a good job of curating a relevant, up-to-date jobs board.

MiningOilAndGasJobs usually features a few thousand job listings from across the world. Additionally, the site serves as a nice information resource with an industry blog and a handy guide to living and working in Australia, for anyone thinking of relocating Down Under.


Jobs 4 Mining

Jobs 4 Mining is a UK-based jobs board, but its listings cover the globe. Recruiters are notably active on this board, as well, so it’s worth uploading a resume even if you’re not actively looking for opportunities at the moment.


InfoMine’s Careers Page

The jobs board at InfoMine has nearly 8,000 worldwide listings at the time of writing, and the vacancies are relevant and up-to-date. On an average day, you can expect to find dozens if not hundreds of new listings.


Conferences, Seminars and Events Worth Attending

Inevitably, your best professional opportunities will find you through sheer luck, usually by meeting the right person at the right time. Make your own luck by participating in and networking at these industry events.


CMAA’s 2017 Conference and Trade Show

The October CMAA conference in Washington, D.C. will connect more than 1,200 construction management professionals with opportunities to learn, share ideas and network. The 2016 conference was one of CMAA’s largest ever, so expect a great crowd this year.


The International Risk Management Institute Construction Risk Conference

IRMI’s Construction Risk Conference will take place November 2017 in Indianapolis. It brings together hundreds of contractors and construction professionals as well as risk management professionals to talk financial issues like insurance costs. This is a great opportunity to network with some of the biggest decision makers in American construction.


The Construction SuperConference

The 32nd Construction SuperConference will take place December 2017 in Las Vegas, and this is probably the best networking and education opportunity in the US for construction professionals during the winter months. Expect several dozen exhibitors plus some excellent education sessions on legal and compliance issues.


The 2018 NAEP Conference

The National Association of Environmental Professionals’ 2018 conference will take place in Tacoma, Washington, in March and will bring together global experts in climate change, water resources, planning and permitting, and several other issues. This is one of the top networking opportunities in the first half of the year for environmental managers.


The 2018 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Convention

Another one for Canadian mining professionals or anyone exploring opportunities in Canada. The March 2018 PDAC Convention in Toronto will bring together more than 1,000 exhibitors, a few thousand investors and nearly 25,000 attendees to talk mineral exploration. If you’re involved in mining up North, be there.


The Canadian Mining Expo

The Canadian Mining Expo Big Event took place at the end of May 2017, and saw more than 4,000 exhibitors come through to network and demo products at Northern Ontario’s biggest mining expo. Just about every mining company that has a footprint in this region was represented, so keep an eye out for information on the 2018 expo.

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