Stockpile Time Machine

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This video was produced to help a Firmatek client see the changes in her inventories between measurements. With unexpected discrepancies in her accounting of a specific product, this video and the accompanying inspection by our technicians was all she needed to accept Firmatek’s measurements as the truth, make the necessary adjustments to the books and verify the true source of the discrepancy. Our client was armed with the truth.

Our Mission: Earn trust. Pursue truth. Arm the client.

Image: Same Stockpile, Different Days

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Just this past week on several occasions we were thumbing through our archives to pull up data from previous inventories.  Our clients wanted to see how their inventories have changed shape and size between last week’s scan and the previous measurement.  Here’s an example of one such pile that has changed over time.

The brown dtm is the pile in May while the blue is the dtm six months later.