Worksite Safety Experts to Know and Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter

Whether it’s operating heavy machinery, working on tall ladders or encountering hazardous material, working in construction poses countless safety risks. As a worksite manager, it’s critical to not only follow safety standards, but stay knowledgeable about the latest news and trends in worksite safety.

Luckily, there’s a large community of people dedicated to improving research and techniques in the field. From reporters and consultants to site managers and former workers, this list of safety experts will help keep all your employees safe on the job.


David Cant, Health and Safety Consultant, Veritas Consulting Safety Services

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Chartered health and safety consultant David Cant knows how to turn technical jargon into plain, simple language. With over 20 years of technical risk management expertise in the construction industry, Cant knows how to add value, productivity and safety to a worksite. Cant is also a worksite safety thought leader and his informative articles on employee safety, risk management and more can be found on his Linkedin page.


Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Workers Rights, Labor and Social Justice Reporter

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Sara Mojtehedzadeh is a work and labor safety reporter based in Toronto. She writes about research, laws, news and injustices involving the health and wealth of labor workers. While she primarily writes for the Toronto Star, her work covers safety issues involving American and even international companies.


Cliff Meidl, Motivational and Safety Speaker, Cliff Meidl Enterprises, LLC

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When a near-death construction accident left him electrical burns, exit wounds and major damage to his knees, Cliff Meidl had to struggle to walk again. With extensive rehabilitation and many surgeries, he regained full mobility and became a motivational speaker and expert on worksite health and safety. Having experienced such a horrific accident on a jobsite himself, Cliff Meidl knows more than most about the importance of health and safety.


Bruce A. DelGrasso, Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager, Broadspectrum

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Bruce A. DelGrasso has been a corporate safety manager for more than 15 years. Leading corporations like Vail Resorts, DelGrasso’s main focus has been on helping companies develop a culture of safety throughout all operations. Part of his work on overhauling corporate cultures includes promoting a “zero accident culture” while streamlining daily operations to make safety a normal and productivity-boosting aspect of business.


Crystal D.Turner, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Haider Engineering PC

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Crystal D. Turner is an experienced health and safety expert who specializes in heavy civil construction, construction oversight, OSHA training, industrial hygiene and more. With over 15 years of experience, Turner is well-versed in local, state and federal safety regulations. She’s also knowledgeable of safety procedures in governmental, laboratory, hospital, academic and manufacturing environments.


Louis Renner, Worker Safety Professional and Subject Matter Expert, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Louis Renner provides industrial safety solutions in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. With a previous career advising safety professionals in the gas and electrical industries, Renner is knowledgeable about Motor Vehicle Safety, Work Area Protection, Automatic External Defibrillator programs and Cal-OSHA.


Jennifer Gollan, Investigative Worker Safety Reporter

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Jennifer Gollan is a writer for The Center for Investigative Reporting and Reveal news. Her work focuses on worker safety, mistreatment and corporate malfeasance, and her coverage of safety malpractice can give insight to anyone in the construction field. Gollan is the recipient of a national Emmy Award for her story “Deadly Oil Fields,” which reveals how energy companies mismanage worker deaths.


Christopher Hughes, Assistant Director of Occupational Safety, Northeastern University

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Christopher Hughes has extensive experience in industrial hygiene, accident investigation, incident prevention and problem solving. He’s helped industries and organizations implement environmental health and safety programs and has managed employee training and interaction. He’s also been an environmental health and safety project manager, helping clients find gaps in OSHA compliance and review and evaluate workplace procedures.


Patrick W. Saltmarsh, Corporate Safety Director, J. Derenzo Companies

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With professional experience in occupational health and safety, fire safety and accident prevention, Patrick W. Saltmarsh is an expert in safety compliance. At J. Derenzo Companies, a family of four environmental and construction companies, Saltmarsh works closely with environmental health managers to establish and maintain safety procedures.


Hector Dones, Associated Instructor, Construction Safety Council

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Hector Dones is a construction safety professional and a teacher at Construction Safety Council, an organization that provides experiential safety education to adults in construction fields. Through an interactive classroom environment, Dones provides training in industry safety and regulatory compliance. He’s also experienced in operations management and works to implement a culture of safety at all levels of corporate projects.


Steve Duxbury, Safety Manager, Delta Diversified Enterprises, Inc.

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Steve Duxbury is an environmental health and safety leader and a federal and state OSHA regulations expert. In addition to providing safety training, staff management and team building services, Duxbury also provides inspections. His audits help organizations understand areas of need and he outlines clear solutions that are lawful, compliant, and economical.


Abby Ferri, President, The Ferri Group LLC

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Abby Ferri has over 14 years of experience studying and consulting a wide range of industries on health and safety. As president of The Ferri Group LLC and an OSHA outreach trainer for construction, Ferri’s services include safety management, training services, risk control consulting and safety expertise. Ferri is also an adjunct Instructor in the Construction Management Program at Dunwoody College of Technology.


F. Marie Athey, Co-founder and Co-developer,

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  1. Marie Athey is a 10 and 30-hour OSHA instructor with a passion for improving safety on the job. Conducting worksite audits, developing budgets and implementing revised safety plans all fall within Athey’s skill set. Athey is the co-founder and co-developer of, an organization that works to implement safety and training programs for companies in industries such as manufacturing, high power utility, heavy road construction, surface mining operations and more.


Andrew McKewen, Safety Trainer/Consultant, Service Safety

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Andrew McKewen is co-owner of a construction safety firm that helps other construction companies train employees in safety issues, meet compliance regulations and develop various aspects of OSHA requirements. Service Safety specializes in employee orientation development, site specific safety planning, OSHA disputes, expert witnessing, accident investigation and more.


Rick Seifert, Safety Director, Construction Safety Experts, LLC

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Rick Seifert specializes in safety plans and hazard prevention programs in the industrial, commercial and marine industries. As a proven accident and incident investigator, “Safety Man” Rick Seifert is an expert in identifying accident causes, finding possible risks and implementing safety plans. He’s also a safety educator and has experience guiding both workforce groups and management.


Stefan Mordue, Architect, Author & NBS Business Solutions Consultant, RIBA Enterprises Ltd

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Stefan Mordue is an architect and construction project manager based in the UK. The Business Information Modeling (BIM) expert is also the author of several books, including BIM for Construction Health and Safety. Mordue is passionate about incorporating health and safety procedures into BIM principles to reduce worksite-related injuries and deaths in the construction industry.


Doug Arthur, Owner/Trainer, Professional Safety Solutions, LLC

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As a health and safety professional, Doug Arthur has over 30 years of experience providing safety guidance in the construction industry. Arthur is an expert at advising large, multi-location projects on health and safety regulations. His areas of expertise include construction safety, mining safety, safety training and education, compliance and more.


Ted Garling, Certified Safety Professional, ConocoPhilips

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Ted Garling is a certified safety consultant and trainer with a Master of Education in Behavioral Based Safety & Emergency Planning. Garling’s educational background allows him to plan, document and deliver specialized training courses on all aspects of safety. He has a proven track record of leading departments through safe operations, emergency responses and compliance with rules and regulations.


Robert Layman, Principal, National Training and Safety Solutions, LLC

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Also known as “Safety Bob,” Robert Layman is the owner at National Training and Safety Solutions, LLC. Layman’s company develops health and safety training and programs to companies in the Tampa, Florida area. Layman also assists companies with OSHA recordkeeping compliance and provides risk management guidance.


Clifford Wilcox, Safety Manager and CVS Specialist, Advanced Safety Pros Corp.

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Clifford Wilcox has guided and trained thousands of companies in risk management, safety culture and compliance. Wilcox also has experience negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and he’s created a number of safety materials including manuals, training courses, workers compensation claims resolutions and more. He’s also a health and safety thought leader and regularly publishes helpful industry articles on Linkedin.

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