Stockpile Measurement

Leveraging technology and experience for accurate results.

More Stockpiles Measured.

We specialize in solving and preventing inventory related problems that simply cannot be diagnosed until inventory measurements are truly accurate. We have measured more than 750,000 stockpiles of every shape, size, and type. We measure stacker piles, piles against high walls, piles in holes and piles surrounded by vegetation. We do indoors, outdoors, rainy days and overcast days. There is no brand with more experience than Firmatek. Our team is trained not only to measure stockpiles in the most accurate manner possible but also to educate the client on our methods and improved stockpiling practices. We provide you with more than just a number.

LiDAR 3D Mapping Technology.

We were there at the dawn of laser profiling to capture the first stockpiles in 3D. Firmatek continues to invest countless hours in research and training to offer the most accurate and efficient technology available.

Using spatially accurate terrestrial LiDAR to measure stockpiles has proven time and again, not only to be the most accurate method of measuring but also the most repeatable as well. Our current technology allows us to scan with accuracy up to +/- 5mm.

Stockpile Reports.

Firmatek provides rapid and accurate results to clients. 3D mapping provides a visually pleasing summary that may help identify problem stockpiles with subsequent measurements. Being able to compare stockpiles against the previous measurement can help you spot leakage, wash-outs, inefficient practices, and other issues that can damage your inventory, and more importantly, your bottom line. Our team provides a personal touch to our stockpile measurement and reporting. You will work with real people on site and have the opportunity to discuss your inventories and stockpile reports through webinars.

See Your Stockpiles Change.

What has happened since the last inventory? Now you can see it all. Lay multiple inventories side by side and stack them on top of one another to see them with a new clarity. Your stockpiles move, expand and contract, and they do it on floors that are ever changing. If you have any questions about your stockpile measurements, we will spend time showing you how your stockpiles have changed.


Stockpile Management

At Firmatek, we understand that stockpiles measurements aren’t just some number on a balance sheet.

You use the number to make decisions throughout the year and writing your inventory up or down throughout the year isn’t just about the financials. Differences in actual and book value of inventory could mean issues other places in the operation. Firmatek is the only full-service provider when it comes to your inventory. Our expert staff will work hand-in-hand with you to reveal where and why you are seeing discrepancies. We will perform field audits to help diagnose issues and then help you develop best practices for managing your inventory.

Firmatek is committed to earning your trust and keeping it. We use highly trained technicians and the latest technology, and we continue to innovate in order to give you the best possible measurements. We want to be your trusted advisor. We are committed to spending the extra time with you so that you can get all of your questions answered.

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