Mine Mapping

Better Mining with Better Data.

3D Mine Mapping.

Firmatek provides a variety of mapping products to help you evaluate and track your open pit mine.

Firmatek uses truck-mounted laser scanners (Lidar) to capture high-resolution, high-accuracy topographic data. Pits, settling ponds, floors, highwalls, muck piles and greenfield sites can now be accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively measured using laser scanning technology.

All data is captured on State Plane Coordinates so that it can be incorporated with mine plans, design CAD, aerial flyovers and surveys from other consultants. Lasers are the gold standard of topographic measurement and our ground-based systems make the technology scalable enough to cover 1 Acre or 1,000 Acres.

Examples of some of our capabilities include: pit progression scanning, reserve calculations, blast volume calculations, and settling pond airspace calculations.

Firmatek has an engineering staff that can provide you with site maps, including topographic, contour and elevation colored 3D terrain maps. We can also provide you with 3D point cloud data, digital terrain models, and digital CAD contour lines, toes, crests, and spot elevations.

Track your Operation.

If you have a better understanding of how your operation is changing, you can have more confidence in your critical decisions.

Core Reserve Calculations and Mineable Modeling.

Merge your core samples with accurate 3D topographic surveys to see your valuable reserves in 3D. Spend your time and money where it will pay off, and not where it won’t.

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