Landfill Mapping

Managing Solid Waste with Less Waste.

Landfill Mapping Services.

Firmatek provides an array of mapping services for the solid waste industry that can fit a variety of applications. Our services are ideal for industrial and hazardous waste sites because our processes do not require contact with dangerous materials. Our topographic deliverables include digital survey data that is available for use by other consultants, surveyors, and designers. We provide data in almost any common CAD format including contours, breaklines, DTM, point clouds, and spot elevations.

Landfill Operational Calculations.

We help you monitor critical operational factors, and arm you the information you need to make important decisions about capital expenditures and operations. Some of the calculations we can provide are:

  • Fill Volumes: We calculate the volume of material placed between scans
  • Operational Density: Over time, landfills that used our services increased their density
  • Constructed Remaining Airspace: We can drape your final cap over our topographic survey

Data Integration.

Our engineering staff can integrate the data that Firmatek collects at your operation with data from other sources and send it to you or your consultants for internal use. Combining our data with other sources of information allows you to see the complete pictures.

We offer additional services that include monitoring in preparation for closing, overfill monitoring, isopach map creation, and stockpile measurements. Have another idea? Just ask. We love finding creative ways to help our clients.

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