Drone Solutions

Custom drone packages tailored to suit your specific needs.

Drone Mapping Services

Your site is unique; your solution should be too. We’ll provide you a simple way to get all of the data you need and a high level of customer support. We can create a mapping package to fit your needs.


Here’s why Firmatek’s Drone Solutions are leading the industry.

Custom Tailored

Choose your frequency of flight, and the type of projects you need, from inventory measurement, to mine planning.

Data integration

Drone + LiDAR + CAD

More than just inventory

Our experienced experts in data analysis can help solve your site’s production problems.


Complete your requirements for third party verification for auditing.

The Easiest Drone Solution on the Market

  • Drone Lease and Data Processing
  • Drone Data Processing
  • Flexible Drone Packages

Lease a copter or fixed wing drone from Firmatek. There is no need to spend valuable capital expenditure dollars on a drone. We will work with you to evaluate your site and determine what the optimal solution is for your site and your budget.

Don’t be tied to old technology. We’ll help you keep your fleet up to date and using the best technology available.

Already have a drone? That’s great. We can still offer you our expert processing team. It works the same way as if you are leasing a drone from Firmatek.

Fly your site, upload your data to us, select your deliverable, and we send you the results.

Enterprise Drone Solution Packages are tailored to fit your specific needs. Packages are structured based on the types and numbers of deliverables you want.

We can create a package for an individual site, area, or national contract.

Monthly Stockpile Package

Monthly stockpile measurements for 12 months with a drone included.


What we can provide you:

Capture the data when it is convenient, upload the images to our cloud, tell us what deliverables you want, and let the experts take care of the rest.

Volumetric Results

Stockpile Volume Measurement delivered digitally.

Orthomosaic Imagery

.5ft Pixel size .tiff

Topographic CAD

2ft contours, bare earth triangulation model as a .dwg.

Cut/Fill Volume Calculation

Eathworks projects.

Point Cloud

Raw unfiltered, or decimated, colorized .las point cloud.

Custom Requests

Overburnen, Landfills, 3D models

Drone Field Service Solutions

If you would prefer to have Firmatek collect and process the data, that is still an option! It easy for you to capture data with our drone solutions, but if you want Firmatek to do that piece, we are happy to serve you. Firmatek prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, but more importantly, tailoring our technology for your unique situation.

We have a team of Part 107 certified technicians, which allows us to legally fly a drone to capture aerial data and imaging for your site. Whether you need a picture of your mine, stockpile volumetrics, or topography of your entire site, we have the technology and the know how to deliver.  We’ve been in the mining industry for over 25 years. While our technology has changed, our clients have continued to trust us for their mine data needs.

Our trained field staff can come out and fly your site to create an aerial image. Our engineers and other experienced data processors will create a high-quality deliverable for you.

Can we tailor a drone service for you?

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