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Our Purpose

Give companies that build the world supreme confidence.

Our clients in the mining, construction, solid waste, and other industries are the companies that build the world we live in. They rely on the data that we provide to make many important decisions. We strive to offer our clients the absolute best in data collection and data processing. We provide our clients with the most accurate measurements. In addition, we spend the time to work with clients to explain our data and the numbers. We want to give each of you supreme confidence in the data. With that, you can have the confidence you need to make your decisions.

Our Story

Founder Jay Heck, Sr. introduced laser profiling and laser stockpile measurement to the U.S. in 1988. Quarrytech Inc. was formed in 2001. He and his son, J.R. Heck, continued to improve this technology, developing the software and procedures to make stockpile measurement more accurate and efficient. The Hecks pioneered the use of mobile lidar technology in the industry and helped revolutionize the way that data is captured.

The name change to Firmatek in 2011 was inspired by the demand for such technology in all industries that deal with the measurement and movement of earth.

To meet the growing demand for Firmatek’s services, we built a great team that shares the work ethic and attention to quality that has set Firmatek apart in its approach to business. We have grown from one man in 2001 to more than twenty people today. Our client base, which started in Texas, has expanded in every direction on the map. We work in over 40 states and 4 countries. We serve clients out of our offices including our San Antonio headquarters, Fort Worth, Phoenix, Denver, Kansas City, and Columbus, Ohio.

Our Values

Team First.

We seek opportunities to go the extra mile for our teammates without hesitation. We bring equal value to the team. Our differences make us stronger. Together, we accomplish our goals.

Trusted Advisor.

We become an ally for our clients by developing strong relationships through honesty, transparency, accountability, and integrity. We give our clients our best.


We plan ahead and work smart to maximize time, money, and resources. We act in the best interest of the team and the company.


We seek out and embrace new solutions. We are lifelong learners.

Why Partner with Us?

We offer you more than a number. Our expertise and knowledge ensure that the stockpile measurements are accurate, but we can also offer you an individualized assessment to help you solve your inventory problems.

By partnering with Firmatek, some of the most powerful technology available becomes your ally. But it’s about more than technology. Firmatek has more experience in stockpile measurement than any other company. Firmatek also has a multinational reach, performing stockpile measurements and mine mapping across the entire United States and four countries.

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