Best Tools and Apps for Site Managers to Work Remotely

From keeping track of workers to meeting project deadlines, managing a construction site is a real challenge. And when you’re rarely on the site, having a way to manage it remotely is an absolute must.

Luckily, there are many apps and tools created to address remote work in the construction industry. We’ve rounded up the best tools and apps for managing workers, project tasks, administrative duties and more.



GenieBelt is a free cloud-based project management app that helps improve the transparency and success of construction projects. When workers and contractors log a field task as complete, managers receive an instant notification to their phone or computer.

Another benefit of GenieBelt is that site managers can invite team members and stakeholders to the project. Giving architects and engineers access to the project improves communication and helps catch mistakes before they become problematic.



This free, open source project management tool is constantly being updated and enhanced by its vast global community. Managers can use the tool to plan, monitor, control and share projects from anywhere they are.

OrangeScrum is helpful for managers having trouble keeping tasks and task owners organized, with all data and resources accessible from one screen. It also allows site managers to create projects, manage users and delegate tasks to people around the world.


Genius Project

Genius Project has similar capabilities and features to OrangeScrum. However, Genius Project is better suited for scaling to the needs of large enterprise projects. This tool also has options for being in the cloud or on the premises, meaning you can take it with you on your phone, or keep it on your computer at the office.

Genius Project also has a robust API that integrates with other leading business tools, so you can better keep project tasks aligned across Salesforce, ERP systems, Microsoft tools and Google apps.


Procore Technologies

The Procore construction app suite helps firms reduce risk and manage project tasks from start to finish. Procore’s apps operate on a mobile-first basis, so all interfaces are designed to work offline from mobile phones and tablets. Depending on your needs and the size of your project, you can choose from a variety of tools for construction project management, quality and safety, financials and more.


APE Mobile

Sick of managing paperwork on site? Want to reduce errors caused by lost forms? APE Mobile is an app specifically designed for managing construction paperwork. From engineering calculation sheets to progress reports and safety checklists, each form is organized into projects and can be shared with anyone you choose.

APE also makes it easy to send and sign important forms, helping contractors, workers and everyone else on a project complete administrative tasks with ease.



Canvas is another app that simplifies paperwork and administrative processes. One unique feature of Canvas is that it can be customized to meet your business’s needs.

If you have a specific form you’d like to share with all of your contractors, for example, simply send it to Canvas and have it made mobile so that your workers can download when they need it. Canvas also has over 1,000 templates designed specifically for construction purposes.


Viewpoint Construction Software

If you’re seeking greater visibility in the project lifecycle, you may want to try Viewpoint Construction Software. Viewpoint has an all-in-one tool called Field View, which optimizes field operations. It enables workers to complete essential tasks, including daily logs, inspections, checklists and more, all from a mobile device.

This tool comes in handy when you don’t have internet access because information can be logged and accessed while you’re offline.



It’s not uncommon to lose track of tools and materials during a large construction operation, especially when you’ve got so many workers on the job.

BuildSourced uses a unique QR system tag and tracking tool that makes it easier to keep track of important tools and supplies on site. It also has a photo upload feature and expansive database for storing information, putting it all at your fingertips.



This app created by SafetyCulture specializes in making checklists for the construction industry. As a work site manager, this greatly simplifies inspections, safety audits and risk assessments that are often time consuming. iAuditor compiles checklist results into reports, which can then can be shared with team members to improve communication on important safety issues.



This app eliminates the need for paper blueprints, which are hard to update and keep consistent across contractors and site managers. And with its user-friendly interface and focus on collaboration, it’s no surprise that PlanGrid is popular with contractors, designers and architects. From your mobile device or desktop, it’s easy to upload and share important documents like blueprints, site photos and more.



WorkflowMax is cloud-based project management software that can be tailored to a variety of different industries. For construction projects, WorkflowMax specializes in custom reporting, which allows you to compare estimates against costs to optimize your financials. Another benefit of this tool is that it provides many options for invoicing, making it easy to charge and pay in a way that works best for you and your workers.



NoteVault is an audio transcription service that saves time on daily field reporting. Instead of writing down every detail of the day by hand, NoteVault records your voice memos and turns them directly into text messages.

Transcription services are manned by a team of transcriptionists who specialize in construction terminology. The tool supports both English and Spanish, making it more accessible to your pool of contractors.


SiteMax Systems

SiteMax is a cloud-based construction project management tool designed to improve project efficiency. It has a number of core features, including an extensive calendar that allows you to browse and compare daily completed project tasks in just one click.

Daily reports are also included with a forecast and weather log, so you can gain insight into which weather patterns helped or hindered your project. Another benefit of SiteMax is that it allows you to keep track of employee hours and company-wide payroll from the field.


Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software is a construction and account management software that simplifies business accounting and reduces the need for manual data input. Contractors can use the software to bill for costs, set up billing rates for jobs, and create markups based on cost, item or type. When all of your financial accounts and expenses are in a single location, it’s easier to identify what you need and to maintain efficient inventory costs.



BuildTools is a cloud-based product aimed at improving communication between contractors, builders and other construction project members. The web-based tool captures photos, emails, payroll reports and all other important documents involved in a project. Since this media is automatically saved, it’s easier to keep track of project milestones remotely.

While the tool is focused on home and custom residential projects, its functionality is similar to other construction apps and can easily be applied to small work sites.


Corecon Technologies

If you’re looking for a tool that will simplify your administrative and sales workflows in a single location, Corecon Technologies might be for you. Corecon Technologies makes it easy for site and project managers to create estimates, manage accounting and track leads from a single dashboard. The tool also provides advanced functionality for tracking costs and budgets, and it integrates with popular accounting software tools to streamline all expenses.



Smartsheet is a collaborative work management tool that focuses on improving field operations, quality control and safety. Smartsheet assists teams and managers with collaboration and communication functions that save time and reduce errors. Site managers can use the tool’s Executive View feature, which provides financial and status details about multiple projects across different regions.



Another cloud-based software tool, Knowify, assists commercial construction site managers handle scheduling, tracking and dispatching. Specifically, it facilitates with optimizing resources by allocating workers to certain locations at specific times of day. It also helps avoid conflict by keeping track of tasks and displaying important updates to users in real time.

Images by: Jan Vašek, Michael Gaida, Steve Buissinne